Past Productions

365 Days/365 Plays

365 Days/365 Plays

Opening Night - January 31, 2007

Presented by Suzan Lori-Parks and Bonnie Metzgar in association with the Barrow Street Theatre

Written by Suzan Lori-Parks and Bonnie Metzgar

Directed by Cris Buchner

Featuring: Jeremy Beiler, Bill Coelius, Michael Cullen, Patrick Edgar, Jason Fleitz, John C. Hume, Denise Lute, Kate Mott, Marjan Neshat, Lee Roy Rogers, Erika Sheffer, Jennifer Van Dyck, Casey Weaver

Musicians: Pamela Antrobus, John Blaylock, Bettina Sheppard

Original Music Bettina Sheppard Dramaturg Joy Besozzi / Stage Manager Richard A. Hodge / Costumes Theresa Squire