MWM FrownyFace Phone 3


November 14, 2010 - Feb. 27, 2011


Presented by:  Scott Morfee, Jean Doumanian, Tom Wirtshafter
with Marc Biales, Rebecca Gold, Chadd Christian Taylor and The Weinstein Company

A new comedy by CRAIG WRIGHT

Starring Academy Award® Nominee MICHAEL SHANNON and MIERKA GIRTEN

Mistakes Were Made is an hilarious, but also deeply moving character study of a man seeking redemption, but inescapably creating destruction. Felix Artifex, a B-list Off-Broadway producer, gets in way over his fast-talking head when he takes on a gargantuan epic about the French Revolution which he thinks is going to be his ticket to professional and personal reclamation. While trying to land a big star for the lead role, he uses all his powers of persuasion, seduction and intimidation to strong-arm the writer into massively rewriting his play. At the same time, he attempts to reconnect with his estranged wife and untangle himself from a mess involving sheep in a distant war-torn country.

Scenic Design:
Tom Burch
Costume Design:
Tif Bullard
Lighting Design:
Keith Parham
Sound Design:
Joseph Fosco
Properties & Set Dressing:
Michele Spadaro
Make-Up & Hair:
Nan Zabriskie
Production Stage Manager:
Richard A. Hodge
Sam Deutsch
Associate Producer:
Starry Night Entertainment
Associate Producer:
Patrick Daly
Associate Partner:
Mickey Murray
Associate Partner:
Cathy Nathan
Assistant Director:
Duncan Riddell
Production Supervisor:
James E. Cleveland
Production Manager:
Katy Ross
General Management:
Barrow Street Theatre
Technical Director:
Pete Fry
Master Carpenter:
Austin Tidwel
Scenic Artist:
Daphne Hayner
Master Electrician:
Michael McGee
Sound Head:
Alex Jepson
Production Assistant:
Laura Archer
JPMorgan Chase
DeWitt Stern Group
Artwork Design:
Frank “Fraver” Verlizzo
Website Design:
Steve Gilewski
Production Counsel:
Mark A. Merriman, Esq., Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.Cv
Program Printing:
Luminar Solutions
Management Consultant:
Two Step Productions
Scenery Provided by
Daedalus Design & Production
Sound Equipment Provided by
Five Ohm Productions
Lighting Equipment Provided by
Hayden Production Services
Technical Consultant:
Brian Duea
SteamCo. Inc.
Publicity/Press Representation:
O+M, Co.