Unknown 1


Dec 2-5, 2016


TJ and Dave walk out on stage without characters, dialogue or plot. An hour later they leave an audience with one of the funniest nights of their lives. Described by The New York Times as "Second City-seasoned masters of long form improv," TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi have become living legends in their field.


"A playful verbal wit, stubborn refusal to go for the cheap laugh and most of all, an empathetic streak that gives their comedy a resonance and depth."
- The New York Times

"BRILLIANT, HEARTBREAKING, MIND-BLOWING, INSPIRING! The best 50 minutes of improv comedy that we've ever seen. But we wouldn't want to insult their effusive skills by speaking so simplistically. Also, it's funny. Drink their Kool-Aid."
- Time Out NY

"One of these guys is the best improviser in the world. And the other one is better."
- Stephen Colbert